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Bioptechs FCS2, Closed Chamber System

Bioptechs FCS2, Closed Chamber System

Closed system, live-cell micro-observation chamber


The FCS2 System is a closed system, parallel plate flow cell environmental chamber used on a microscope to enable the acquisition of high resolution, time-lapse images of cells undergoing either natural growth or fluidic exposure to variant factors. The FCS2 System is designed to be used on any inverted microscope as the FCS3 System is specifically for upright microscopes. Both systems enable the user to define precise and unlimited flow characteristics within the chamber to suit their protocols. Bioptechs' patented thermal design provides uniform temperature control across the entire field. This is a feature that is not possible with a peripheral only heated chamber.


  • Easy to use, no tools needed for assembly
  • Compatibility with all modes of microscopy
  • Complete control of the volume within the optical cavity
  • Complete control of the separation between optical surfaces
  • Complete control of the shape or profile of the flow channel
  • Complete control of the temperature uniformly across the entire field
  • The FCS2 is the most recognised and published commercial cell chamber available

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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