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Bioptechs Stable "Z" Specimen Warmer

Bioptechs Stable "Z" Specimen Warmer

Designed to warm your cells in traditional plastic ware without inducing "Z" axis drift


The Stable Z is an accessory for a microscope designed to warm biological specimens in standard plastic-ware on a microscope stage with the distinct advantage of eliminating Z-axis drift. The Stable Z is the only peripheral heating device on the market that will not induce Z-axis drift into the specimen place. This feature is what sets it apart from all other traditional "stage warmers". It is an inexpensive alternative to more sophisticated systems to maintain the temperature of specimens for imaging while maintaining focus.

  • The effect of thermal expansion is not transmitted to the specimen place because the support surface is coplanar with the specimen
  • The specimen retainer is made of a minimal thermal mass and efficiently heated so that adjacent surfaces remain unaffected
  • Far better performance than heating stages, lower cost, greater value

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

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