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Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software

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Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software

Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software

Total microscope imaging software solution covering image capture, archiving and analysis


NIS-Elements AR was developed by Nikon for the most advanced levels of research - giving the user complete control of all microscope and camera functions.

The software is geared to deliver power and maximise workflow. It handles multi-dimensional imaging flawlessly, with support for capture, display, peripheral device control, and data management and analysis of up to six dimensions (X,Y,Z, Lambda (wavelength), T, multipoint). It also offers sophisticated image processing features, such as an extremely powerful deconvolution module, exclusive one-click database capability, and Extended Depth of Focus function.

The system contributes to experiment efficiency with a database building feature developed to handle archiving and searching of large numbers of multi-dimensional image files.

Unified control of the entire imaging system offers significant benefits to users for cutting-edge research, such as live cell imaging.

Live Cell Acquisition:

Hardware Triggering: A control method using direct I/O voltage-mediated connections to drive system devices.
RAM Capturing: Enables the recording of sequences displaying very quick acquisitions lasting tens of milliseconds
Multi-layer Document Structure: Each document (Image windows) is a three-tiered layer structure, and is therefore ideally suited for analysis
ND Viewer: Easy-to-use parameters for multi-dimension image operation are located on the frame of the screen
Process: Once a multi-dimensional image is acquired, it can be analysed via NIS-Elements' multiple processing functions
ND Tools: A Series of images from time lapse acquisition, or captured Z-Stack images, can be easily converted to ND2 format.

Image Quantification:

Image Segmentation: Using the RGB or HSI colour spaces, NIS-Elements can segment the image and create binary
Automatic Measurement: Using binary objects, NIS-Elements can automatically measure sets of length, area, density and colourimetry parameters.
Interactive Measurement: The measurement is performed by, for example, directly drawing two parallel lines on the screen.
Profile: There are five possible interactive profile measurements: free-line, two-point line, horizontal line, vertical line, and polyline
Classifier: Allows segmentation of the image pixels according to different user-defined classes
Time Measurement: Records the average pixel intensities within defined probes during a time interval

Advanced Image Processing:

Morphology: NIS-Elements offers a rich spectrum of mathematical morphology functions, morphologic separation functions, linear morphology functions, fill functions, skeleton functions and other functions
Merge Channels: Multiple single channel images can be merged together simply by dragging from one image to another
Image Arithmetic (A+B/A-B/Max/Min): NIS-Elements' Image Arithmetic function performs calculations on the colour channels of two images
Large Image Stitching: NIS-Elements includes impressive large image stitching capabilities.
EDF (Extended Depth of Focus): An additional software plug-in for NIS-Elements
Real Time 2D Deconvolution: Allows the user to observe live specimens with less out-of-focus blur

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