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Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software

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Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software

Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software

For acquisition and device control for standard research applications, requiring four-dimensional imaging


NIS-Elements BR is scaled to manage basic research applications. While not as full featured as the Advanced Research module, BR offers most of the total imaging solutions as its more powerful counterpart. With BR, you still have access to advanced image capture, archiving, and analysis solutions that are easy-to-use and provide maximum workflow.

BR handles multi-dimensional imaging with ease, with support for capture, display, data management, analysis and additional options for peripheral device control, and multi-dimensional acquisition. The 4D module builds four dimensional acquisition into BR (For example: X, Y, T, λ (wavelength) or X, Y, Z, XY (multi-point)). It also provides advanced image processing options such as database capabilities and report generation, intensity over time measurement, and Extended Depth of Focus functionality.

The system contributes to experiment efficiency with a database building feature developed to handle archiving, searching, and analysis of large numbers of multi-dimensional image files.


Selectable Layout Interface: NIS-Elements comes with the built-in alyouts "Full Screen" and "Docked Controls"
Acquisition Colour Setting: Colour modification can be easily set with the look-up table.
Data Management: NIS-Elements has a powerful built-in image database
Report Generation: Report Generator enables the user to create customised reports containing images, database descriptions, measured data, user texts and graphics
Easy Access to Image Controls: All vital controls can be accessed by minimal mouse clicks
Colour Adjustment: NIS-Elements is suitable for hue adjustment

Live Cell Acquisition:

RAM Capturing: RAM capturing enables the recording of sequences displaying very quick acquisitions lasting tens of milliseconds
Multi-layer Document Structured: Each document (Image windows) is a three-tiered layer structure and is therefore ideally suited for analysis
ND Viewer: Easy-to-use parameters for multi-dimension image operation are located on the frame of the screen
Process: Once a multi-dimensional image is acquired, it can be analysed via NIS-Elements;  multiple processing functions
ND Tools: A series of images from timelapse acquisition, or captured Z-stack images, can be easily convrted to ND2 format

Image Quantification:

Image Segmentation: Using the RGN or HSI colour spaces, NIS-elements can segment the image and create binary images
Automatic Measurement: Using binar objects, NIS-Elements can automatically measure sets of length, area, density and colourimetry paramenters
Interactive Measurement: The measurement is performed by, for example, directly drawing two parallel lines on the screen.
Profile: There are five possible interactive profile measurements
Classifier: Allows segmentation of the image pixels according to different user-defined classes
Time Measurement: Records the average pixel intensities within defined probes during a time interval

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