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TMC Electro-Damp II Active Air Vibration Cancellation System

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TMC Electro-Damp II Active Air Vibration Cancellation System

Increase throughput, resolution and yield


Electro-Damp® is the first commercial active vibration isolation system designed specifically to increase throughput, resolution, and yield in semiconductor manufacturing applications. The Electro-Damp II is a complete redesign of the original system, adding modularity, digital control, feedforward, high-force/high-clearance actuators, and multiple digital user interfaces specifically designed for use in OEM applications such as microlithography, inspection, and metrology tools.


  • Six degrees-of-freedom active vibration damping system
  • Non-contacting electronic height control
  • Digital controller
  • Feedforward inputs correct for stage-induced payload motions
  • High-force electromagnetic actuators available separately or integrated
  • Reduced payload motion and settling time for stage-induced motion

Semiconductor manufacturing tools place conflicting demands on their vibration isolation system. In response to floor noise, the system must be soft to effectively filter floor vibration from reaching the isolated surface. Simultaneously, the system must be stiff in response to stage forces such that stage motion induces minimal displacement of the isolated surface and settles rapidly.

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