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Daylight Solutions is the world leader in Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) based molecular detection and imaging systems. The company pioneered the commercialisation of QCL's by combining QC gain media with their patented External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser (ECqcL) technology. The result was a robust, broadly tunable or fixed wavelength mid-infrared (mir-IR) laser source.

Daylight Solutions is now the premiere manufacturer of components, subsystems, and systems for sensors and high power illuminators in the mid-IR spectrum. The company earned its leadership role by bringing together experts from related disciplines and integrating technologies through applied research and development.


Product Keywords
DayLight ChemDetect Analyser
Unmatched specificity and speed
Daylight Solutions Aries - High Power, Multi-Wavelength Mid-IR Laser Systems
Introducing the Aries series of mid-IR fixed-wavelength lasers
Daylight Solutions Aries high power multi-wavelength mid-IR
Daylight Solutions Hedgehog CW/Pulsed Mid-IR Laser
Unique fast-scan CW or pulsed mid-IR laser, tunes up to 400cm-1 .(1000cm-1/s)
daylight hedgehog qcl
Daylight Solutions MIRcat Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser
Introducing the New MIRcat - an Ultra-Broadly Tunable Mid-IR Laser System with Industry-leading Tuning Range in the Important 'Fingerprint' Region
Daylight Solutions MIRcat Ultra-broadly Tunable Mid-IR
Daylight Solutions Multi-function External Cavity Laser Controllers
CW and pulsed operation modes are supported as well as tuning and fixed-wavelength performance
daylight solutions external cavity laser controllers multi-function
Daylight Solutions TLS -41000-MHF Enhanced Stability CW-Mode Hope-Free Mid-IR Laser
The ultimate tool for high-resolution spectroscopy and sensor development
Daylight Solutions Tunable Laser - CW/Pulsed
Provides both Continuous Wave (CW) and Pulsed performance
Daylight Solutions tunable laser CW Pulsed
Daylight Solutions Tunable Laser - Pulsed
Provides the user with over 100cm-1 of tunability in less than a second
Daylight solutions tunable laser pulsed
Daylight Solutions Uber Tuner Broad Tuning Pulsed Lasers
Offer unprecedented access to high-brightness coherent light in the mid-IR
Daylight Solutions uber tuner broad tuning pulsed lasers
Daylight Solutions Unicorn II Fixed Wavelength Lasers
Daylight Solutions is pleased to present the next generation of fixed-wavelength lasers: The Unicorn II Series
Daylight Solutions Unicorn II fixed wavelength lasers
Spero Chemical Imaging Microscope
Unrivaled Mid-IR spectroscopy
daylight solutions spero infrared microscopy