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Automated Live Cell Imaging System

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Automated Live Cell Imaging System
20 Jul

Automated Live Cell Imaging System

World Precision Instruments (WPI) is excited to introduce the AutoLCI, an automated live cell imaging system featuring advanced fluorescence and bright field microscopy, autofocusing, and real-time, multi-position imaging technology. The AutoLCI is equipped with state-of-the-art cell imaging technology and user friendly software, enabling various types of research and applications in a streamlined workflow, when compared to the conventional live cell imaging process. Additionally, the AutoLCI was designed to be rigid and robust, withstanding the temperature and humidity suitable for the growth of cells, making it compatible with CO2  incubators. It provides you all the tools you need to acquire the best quality images and accurate research results. Various cell-based research work and applications can be done with this all-around system.


  • Fully automated, multi-position imaging for high resolution analysis
  • Compatible with various cell and issue culture vessel types
  • Compact size that easily fits into standard CO2 incubators
  • Z-stacking captures multi-focal planes for high dynamic range images
  • Stitching combines images for anlaysis of high resolution composite
  • Increased focus speed and reproducibility with reliable autofocusing function
  • Intuitive interface to capture and analyse data


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