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Microinjector with Cell Penetrator

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Microinjector with Cell Penetrator
30 Apr

Microinjector with Cell Penetrator

Designed to simplify intracellular injection and a variety of other microinjection tasks, the MICRO-ePUMP uses cafeully regulated air pressure for injecting cells with fluid. Injected volumes range from picolitres to nanolitres. The port supplies positive pressure for high-pressure ejection. The pressure port maintains a low positive “compensation” pressure to the injecting pipette between injection pulses to prevent fluid uptake through capillary action.


The MICRO-ePUMP is designed to inject very small quantities of fluids, such as drugs, into cells or small organelles. Pressure injection is an especially useful alternative to electroionophoresis, since it does not mandate the use of charged ions. The compensation pressure is a constant low pressure that eliminates any capillary action front-filling of the pipette and then the precise burst of regulated higher pressure is activated with the foot switch that is included.


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