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X-Ray sCMOS Camera

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X-Ray sCMOS Camera
08 Dec

X-Ray sCMOS Camera

The new Marana-X sCMOS camera from Andor integrates the latest in scientific CMOS (sCMOS) designed specifically for ultrafast soft X-ray/EUV tomography and High Harmonic Generation (HHG) applications.

Marana-X represents a significant technoloigcal advancement for applications that traditionally have used slow scan CCD cameras. It overcomes the traditional limitation sof slow-scan CCD's in the soft X-ray-EUV energy range by offering simultaneously high frame rates, high-sensitivity and high dynamic range, without compromise.

It integrates the first “uncoated”, 4.2 Megapixel sCMOS sensor with >90% quantum efficiency in the 80 eV-1keV range, 74 frame/s full frame and superb dynamic range. This unique combination allows users to better sample dynamic phenomena, and to greatly increase high quality result outputs, while minimising experimental time, for example large tomographic datasets.

sCMOS’ inherent shutter-less technology addresses the inconvenience associated with traditional mechanical shutters lifetime and limited repetition rates. Moreover, the Marana-X features a convenient USB3 plug and play interface and a robust CoaXPress interface more suited to challenging high energy physics environments.

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