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Bruker CryoStage cryogenic stage

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Bruker CryoStage cryogenic stage

Bruker CryoStage cryogenic stage

Studying phase and domain temperature dependence at high resolution

Bruker NanoSurfaces



Material properties change substantially as a function of temperature, from crystallisation and melting processes at high temperatures, to phase transformation and mechanical stiffening at lower temperatures. Further energy production processes in many of today's clean-energy materials show a strong efficiency dependence with environmental temperature.


JPK's CryoStage provides a unique solution to investigating the temperature dependence of materials from -120°C to +220°C. Particularly relevant for polymers, it can also be applied to ceramics, magnetic materials, composites, energy materials, thin films, and even metals. Using the AFM's superior resolution, watch and study crystallisation processes and the ordering of material phases, at the nanoscale. Use QI nanomechanical mapping capability or advanced Ramp Scripting to quantitative track stiffness and adhesive changes. And by utilising the unique optical access of the JPK platform get unprecedented capability to understand nanoparticle optical response such as temperature dependent quenching.


Combining precision tip/sample positioning, high resolution AFM imaging, advanced nanomecahnical and electrical measurement, and unprecedented optical access, the JPK Cryostage provides the perfect nanoscale solution for advanced temperature superposition studies.


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