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Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio AFM

Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio AFM

Bruker Dimension FastScan Bio AFM

Capturing biological dynamics with ease

Bruker NanoSurfaces

The Dimension FastScan Bio Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) breaks longstanding barriers to provide routine high-resolution research of biological dynamics, with temporal resolution up to 3 frames per second for live sample observations. Furthermore, it does this while making the AFM easier to use than ever before.

FastScan Bio AFM adds specialised life science features to this platform, and has been specifically designed for high-resolution, live-sample observation of interacting molecules, membrane proteins, DNA protein binding, inter-cellular signaling and many other dynamic biological studies. Bruker's new innovative probe design with unique cantilever shape and coating enables an unprecedented combination of imaging speed and softness. The resulting system delivers the scanning speed required for high-resolution spatiotemporal studies with the greatest simplicity ever seen in a commercial AFM system:

  • Simplified sample engaging and controls for immediate imaging
  • Real-time panning, zooming and scanning
  • Feature tracking and Move creation tool
  • Micro-volume fluid cell with controlled fuild exchange

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