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Bruker Dimension Icon Raman AFM

Bruker Dimension Icon Raman AFM

Bruker Dimension Icon Raman AFM

Highest performance AFM with integrated Raman spectroscopy

Bruker NanoSurfaces

The Icon AFM-Raman system brings together the complimentary techniques of atomic force microscopy and Raman microscopy to provide critical information on both the topography and the chemical composition of a sample.

When these techniques are further enhanced with advanced AFM modes, such as Bruker exclusive PeakForce TUNA electrical characterisation and PeakForce QNM® quantitative nanomechanical mapping, researchers are able to better understand the mechanisms that lead to specific material properties.


  • Fully integrated system delivers convenient correlation of advanced AFM data with information on chemical composition or crystallographic structure
  • High-resolution X-Y stage permits fast and accurate positioning between the AFM and Raman microscope
  • Full range of AFM capabilities provides more features than any other system
  • PeakForce QNM® enables quantitative nanoscale mechanical property mapping
  • Wide-open access to tip and sample accommodates a large variety of standard and customised experiments
  • ScanAsyst® enables dramatically more productive imaging with fully automatic parameter optimisation, guaranteeing best results on the most delicate samples

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