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Bruker Insight-450 3DAFM

Bruker Insight-450 3DAFM

Bruker Insight-450 3DAFM

Atomic level resolution for all 450mm metrology needs

Bruker NanoSurfaces

Based on the production-proven InSight® 3DAFM platform for 300mm, the InSight-450 3DAFM is ideally suited for a broad range of roughness, depth and CD applications. Capabilities include bare wafer process validation, roughness characterisation and pit/bump/scratch defect metrology; incoming substrate qualification; thin film and epitaxial deposition performance with micro/nano roughness and angstrom-level step height precision; etch depth metrology for process development and control, in-line resist profile measurements of CD, SWA, and LER with full TEM-like profiles; and CMP flatness performance to monitor dishing and erosion.

The flexibility of the InSight-450mm AFM means all of these applications are available in a single tool, thus reducing overall cost for metrology. The InSight-450 3DAFM provides this capability with no modeling required, full NIST traceability and no material or wafer damage, making it the ideal tool to provide early learning in 450mm process development with scalability to 450mm production.

Key Features

  • Provides reference metrology for crucial CD elements like gate, shallow trench isolation (STI) union dual-damascene structures, sidewall angles, line-edge variation and more
  • Maintains the lowest measurement uncertainty for critical dimension (CD) and sidewall angle (SWA) metrology
  • Full wafer coverage, TEM-like accuracy and no wafer damage
  • Fully automated platform including wafer registration, tip exchange, tip qualification, recipes and more
  • AFM resolution for bare wafer and thin films roughness characterisation

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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