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Bruker/JPK NanoWizard V BioAFM

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Bruker/JPK NanoWizard V BioAFM

Bruker/JPK NanoWizard V BioAFM

Discover the 5th generation BioAFM

Bruker NanoSurfaces

The JPK NanoWizard« V combines high spatio-temporal resolution with a large scan area, flexible experiment design, and out-standing integration with advanced optical microscope systems. The automated setup, alignment, and re-adjustment of system parameters opens new possibility for long-term, self-regulating experiment series.

NanoWizard V is expected to significantly advance our understanding of dynamic cellular processes and molecular mechanisms. Its PeakForce-QI mode enables fast and flexible quantitative nanomechancial measurements - significantly extending the capabilties of AFM - while its automated, remote-control, and fast-scanning capabilities provide high-throughput, high-performance imaging of even complex experiments.


  • Adaptive intelligent scanning routines enable faster scanning rates of up to 400 lines/sec
  • Lowest noise scanner and detection system ensure high-resolution data and unrivalled performance on inverted optical microscopes
  • PeakForce-QI, the symbiosis of PeakForce Tapping and QI modes, delivers the fastest, most advanced force control for highly delicate samples
  • Visualise dynamics with Bruker's Nested Scanner and latest feedback technologies
  • Bruker's proven DirectDrive increases cantilever excitation stability
  • Active balancing provides faster scanning over large scan ranges
  • Improved productivity and maximised throughput enables better statistics
  • Intelligent optimisation routines deliver quantitative nanomechanics

For further information please contact us, watch the video or download the datasheet.

Tapping mode topography image of Annexin 5 protein on lipid membrane in buffer acquired at 40 Hz line rate showing the occupation density of centric trimers in 2D honeycomb structure. Scan size 1.3 ╬╝m x 1.3 ╬╝m, height range 8.0 nm.

Fast tapping mode topography image acquired at 170 Hz line rate of Annexin 5 protein on lipid membrane in buffer. The arrows depict the occupation of a centric trimer from solution in the 2D crystal structure 12 seconds (8 frames) later. Scan size 96 nm x 96 nm, height range 1.0 nm.

Nanowizard V datasheet Read more on Bruker website