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WPI SI-CTS200 Cell Tester

WPI SI-CTS200 Cell Tester

Characterise and investigate functional physiological properties of single living cells

World Precision Instruments

The SI-CTS200 Cell Tester is a revolutionary new kind of tool for cellular investigation. It can, without any changes, be used for one single living cell, for a small multi-cellular preparation and for single or larger skinned muscle strip preparations. Translational experiments from the single living cells to the intact multi-cellular level can be accomplished. For example, using the Cell Tester, the influence of the connective tissue on muscle function can be distinguished from the clean muscle work for the first time. Conversely, skinning allows a direct comparison between the living cell response and a cell, whereby the subcellular contractile proteins are studied with full experimental access to cell signalling and cellular biochemistry.


  • Integral microtweezer apparatus that facilitates cellular attachment
  • Two integrated piezo manipulators are included
  • Bio-compatible adhesive (MyoTAKTM) included
  • Unique rotational stage that allows for easy cellular alignment, improved experimental throughput
  • Ultra-quiet force transducer included
  • Linear displacement motor stretches or compresses cells with 25nm precision
  • Fits ANY inverted microscope
  • Use Native cuvette or ANY 35mm glass bottom dish

The Cell Tester provides researchers with the comprehensive ability to investigate and characterise the physiological, bio-mechanical and bio-physical properties of single isolated living cells and extend these findings to the sub- and multi-cellular level.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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