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Andor Zyla HF Fibre Optic sCMOS Camera

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Andor Zyla HF Fibre Optic sCMOS Camera

Andor Zyla HF Fibre Optic sCMOS Camera

Ultrafast and high resolution indirect detection fibre-optic sCMOS


Andor's Zyla-HF outstanding design delivers the highest transmission and spatial resolution performane associated with state-of-the-art single fibre optic plate bonding, while also taking advantage of the very fast frame rate, ultra-low noise performance and exceptional field of view of the Zyla-HF.


  • High-throughput fibre optic coupling
  • Large 16.6mm x 14mm field of view
  • Ideal for integration into space restrictive set-ups
  • 5.5 Megapixel at 50fps
  • X-Ray/Neutron Tomography, X-Ray Diffraction

Its compact format, multiple mounting points and modular input configuration for scintillators or Beryllium filter integration allow ease of integration into laboratory setup or integrator (OEM) systems.


This unique feature combination makes the Zyla-HF the perfect detector platform for applications including X-Ray imaging and tomography, electron microscopy and picosecond/nanosecond X-ray imaging when coupled to streak tubes or open MCP's.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


      Zyla-HF datasheet                                                                    Read more on Andor's website