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Pannoramic 250 Flash III Digital Slide Scanner

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Pannoramic 250 Flash III Digital Slide Scanner

Pannoramic 250 Flash III Digital Slide Scanner

High quality and high speed scanning - 110,000 slides/year


The Pannoramic 250 Flash series digital scanners have been the ideal solution for digital patholog since their introduction in 2011. The Pannoramic 250 Flash III featuring new, faster scanning technology with the award-winning Pannoramic image quality is the ultimate scanning solution that easily meets your needs, from high quality to high capacity.


  • Faster Scanning : The Flash III scanning technology offers fast scanning (35sec/slide) and high trhoughput (60 slides/hour) (brightfield scanning, 41x optical magnification, 15mm x 15mm area, 15 FOV's focus distance, jpg compression, mrxs file format
  • Continuous loading with vertical slide arrangement ensures easy access to slides in unloaded slide holder magazines
  • Flash scanning technology : the light source offers very high stability in time over the lifetime with sub-millisecond switching times
  • Award-winning, exceptional image quality in brightfield scanning
  • Up to 9-channel fluorescent scanning completed with advanced FISH scanning technique
  • Up to 80x brightfield and 60x fluorescent magnification by default, new optional 10x objective
  • Calibrated colour correction in brightfeld scanning
  • Darkfield prevew for easy localisation of fluorescent samples

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