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ILA Laser Doppler Velocimetry Systems

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ILA Laser Doppler Velocimetry Systems


ILA GbmH provides LDV systems for measurement field velocities point-wise. The following are the main application areas for their systems:

  • Research
  • Calibration of velocity sensors and
  • Volume flow rate measurements

Shifted LDV systems are mostly provided to the research area. The systems acquire the velocity in terms of speed and direction (1D or 2D). Preferably, the shifted LDV systems are built based on a Nd:YAG laser. These laser sources, in comparison to diode lasers, have a very good wavelength stability and beam quality. Furthermore, the laser beams are perfectly visible allowing an easier alignment procedure during the measurement.

Unshifted LDV systems are used for the calibration of velocity sensors and are based on Nd:YAG or HeNe lasers. They present a very small measurement uncertainty and a minimal distortion (<0.2%) of the interference fringes in the measurement volume.

Unshifted LDV systems with long focal length are also used for volume flow rate measurement. These systems are optimised in terms of analog signal processing for the detection of small amplitudes. This is an essential assumption for measurements in district heating pipes with a small particle diameter and concentration.

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