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Lake Shore 2Dex Hall Sensors

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Lake Shore 2Dex Hall Sensors

Lake Shore 2Dex Hall Sensors

2-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) Hall effect Magnetic sensors


Hall effect sensors provide a convenient method for measuring or detecting magnetic fields electronically by providing an output voltage proportional to magnetic flux density. As implied by its name, this device relies on the Hall effect. The Hall effect is the development of a voltage across a sheet of conductor when current is flowing and the conductor is placed in a magnetic field.

The new 2Dex Hall Sensors from LakeShore have the following features:

  • Highly linear Hall voltage
  • Small active area
  • Single or 3-axis configurations
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Plug-and-play version available for direct connection to Lake Shore F71/F41 teslameters


Multiple package types

Due to the directional nature of magnetic fields, the positioning and orientation of the sensor are critical for accurate measurements. 2Dex sensors are offered in a range of package types to simplify the process of mounting a sensor in just the right location


Easily calculate magnetic field values

Compared to other sensor technology, 2Dex sensors exhibit significantly less linearity error. This makes the conversions of Hall voltage to field values using simple sensitivity values much more viable.


Smaller active areas

2Dex Hall sensors have significantly smaller active areas than previous generation products. This results in improved spatial resolution and reduced signal averaging, useful when measuring fields close to a source where field gradients can be extreme.


Better 3-axis measurements

2Dex 3-axis magnetic sensors have been designed to maximise orthogonality between x, y, and z sensor elements, resulting in more accurate vector magnitude measurements when field direction is unknown or changing.


Predictable, flexible and fast

Many magnetic sensors rely on auxiliary measurement conditioning circuitry, resulting in restrictions on the sensor’s range, resolution, and accuracy. 2Dex Hall sensors use a very simple Hall structure without the need for auxiliary conditioning circuits. Sensor performance is achieved through meticulous manufacturing and testing of each sensor. This results in the predictability and repeatability of more complex circuits with the flexibility of a simple Hall element.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.