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Probe Station Overview

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Probe Station Overview




Lake Shore's cryogenic probe stations provide precisely controlled environments for non-destructive measurement of the electrical properties of materials and early-stage electronic devices.


Probe stations enable physical scientists and researchers to conduct fundamental science through convenient, repeatable measurements producing consistent results. Probe stations are versatile and flexible research platforms that can be used in dedicated applications or as multi-use community research assets.


Typical applications include sampling IV and CV curves over a wide range of temperatures measuring microwave and electro-optical responses, characterising magneto-transport properties in variable magnetic fields, Hall effect measurements to understand carrier mobility, and a variety of other materials solutions.


All Lake Shore probe stations offer excellent temperature stability due to the highly efficient radiation shielding designs and have a low susceptibility to vibration.


Model Vacuum Max # of Probe Arms Temperature Range Optional Temperature Range Max Sample Size Magnet Field
CRX-4K 10-5 torr 6 4.5K to 350K 20K to 675K 51mm diameter NA
CRX-6.5K 10-5 torr 6 <10K to 350K 20K to 675K 51mm diameter NA
CRX-EM-HF 10-5 torr 4 8K to 400K 20K to 500K 25mm diameter 0.6T horizontal field electromagnet
CRX-VF 10-5 torr std, 10-7 torr opt 6 10K to 500K - 51mm diameter 2.5T vertical field superconducting magnet
FWPX 10-5 torr 6 4.5K to 475K 3.5K to 475K 102mm diameter NA
EMPX-H2 10-5 torr 4 4.5K to 400K
<10K to 400K 360° rotation option
20K to 675K 25mm diameter 0.6T horizontal electromagnet field
CPX-VF 10-5 torr 6 4.2K to 400K <10K to 400K 51mm diameter 2.5T vertical superconducting magnet field
CPX 10-5 torr 6 4.2K to 475K
<10K to 400K with load lock
1.63K to 475K
(cannot be used with load-lock assembly)

51mm dimater

12.7mm with load-lock

TTPX 10-5 torr 6 4.2K to 475K 20K to 675K 51mm diameter NA
PS-100 10-5 torr 4 4.2K to 475K 20K to 675K 32mm diameter NA


Probe Station Catalogue (6Mb pdf)