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APE PulseSelect Pulse Picker

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APE PulseSelect Pulse Picker

APE PulseSelect Pulse Picker

Acousto-optic modulator based pulse picker


pulseSelect is an acousto-optical pulse picker, developed for the special demands of femtosecond laser technology. Pulse distortion is minimised by a low dispersive design and the use of reflective optics. High repetition rates and high contrast rates are achieved by using acousto-optical elements.



  • Reduction of the repetition rate of mode-locked lasers fs or ps mode-locked laser (e.g. Ti:Sapphire)
  • Low dispersion design suitable for ultra-short pulses down to < 20 fs
  • Division ratio continuously variable between fREP/2 … fREP/260,000
  • Synchronised to laser seed with internal trigger
  • Single-shot up to 3 MHz with external TTL trigger
  • External trigger-gate mode

The Single pulseSelect consists of an optical module and control electronics. A Bragg cell represents the most important part of the optics, which selects individual pulses from the laser beam due to the acousto-optical effect. Focusing mirror, collimator mirror and a beam stop for the zero-order beam complete the setup. The driver electronics supplies the modulated RF signal for the Bragg cell with a carrier frequency that corresponds to the multiple of the laser repetition rate.


pulseSelect in a double configuration is available in two variants, Serial and Parallel. The Serial variant offers an improved contrast ratio of over 6000:1. The Parallel version allows the simultaneous picking of pulses from two synchronised laser sources.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


    PulseSelect datasheet                                                        Read more on APE's website