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APE ScanDelay Optical Delay System

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APE ScanDelay Optical Delay System

APE ScanDelay Optical Delay System

Precision optical delay line with high scanning speed


ScanDelay, an optical delay line, allows the introduction of a well-defined time delay into an optical path. The delay is periodically controlled by a fast scanning shaker at a frequency of up to 20Hz.


  • Precise optical delay + high scanning speed
  • Perfectly suited for pump-probe experiments
  • Scan range variable from femtoseconds up to several picoseconds
  • User-defined delay patterns
  • Control software / LabView drivers
  • Scan rate phase-locked to external source possible
  • Linear and calibrated scaling due to position measurement

The heart of APE's optical delay line series is a special linear translation stage that is supplied together with appropriate control and drive electronics. The linear drive has been designed especially for optical applications. It combines low moving mass with compactness, reaching a high speed, as well as high precision and resolution. The delay drive moves frictionless, has a large and precise travel range, and allows for very small displacements without any stick-slip-effects.

Thus scanDelay is capable of generating fast wide scans as well as smallest delays without any stick-slip effects. The actual position is measured in real time by an analog photo-electric system with high resolution and a wide dynamic range. The linear drive allows an ultra-precise scanner movement and leads to an excellent scan-to-scan reproducibility.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

ScanDelay datasheet Read more on APE's website