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Spectra Gases Pure Gases

Spectra Gases Pure Gases

Spectra Gases

Pure Gases Spectra Gases produces, analytically certifies and exports a wide range of high quality pure gases. To ensure optimum laser performance, Spectra Gases' team of in-house chemists analyse and certify each and every gas component in every cylinder of rare and buffer gases for any and all gaseous impurities that might be harmful to laser performance. This analysis includes, but is not limited to, moisture, oxygen, hydrocarbons, freons and any other unwanted contaminant specifically harmful to the laser.


Argon Gas

Carbon Dioxide Gas

Carbon Monoxide Gas

Deuterium Gas

Fluorine Gas

Helium Gas

Helium-3 Gas

Hydrogen Gas

Krypton Gas

Methane Gas

Neon Gas

Neon-20 Gas and Neon-22 Gas

Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen Trifluoride Gas

Oxygen Gas

Sulphur Hexafluoride Gas

Xenon Gas 

Click to download the pdf from Spectra Gases website to check the grade/purity which is available for each gas and the cylinder information or contact us.

MSDS for all gases supplied by Spectra Gases are available from the website.