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Laservision DYNA GUARD Spectacle

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Laservision DYNA GUARD Spectacle

Over the glasses shield is characterised by an innovative temple design


The brand new DYNA GUARD laser safety OTG (Over The Glasses) shield is characterised by an innovative temple design. With respect to optical imaging quality LASERVISION/Uvex is breaking new grounds using the "Advanced Optics by Science" product design which exceeds present day standards as EN166, ANSI Z87 etc by far. The wavefront optimised Uvex high-res shield offers distortion-free imaging quality and fatigue-proof sensing. This shield is very suitable for wearing for long periods of time and is suitable to wear over corrective glasses.


  • Innovative temple design with flex technology
  • Wavefront optimised Uvex high-res shield technology
  • Absorbing plastic filters for many wavelengths and wavelength combinations
  • Suitable as fit over frame over prescription glasses
  • Extremely good field of view
  • Economical full plastic design

All eyewear manufactured by Laservision is fully compliant with the Australian Laser Safety Standard ANZS1337 which states that laser safety eyewear must be able to withstand the direct hit from a laser beam for 10 seconds for a CW laser or 100 pulses for a Pulsed system. This requirement is of both the filters and frames.


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