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Laservision EXCITE Spectacle

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Laservision EXCITE Spectacle

For all users demanding the highest wearing comfort


The new laser safety goggle EXCITE from LASERVISION has been designed as an alternative solution to the best selling shield frame LAMDBA ONE. This is the right frame for all users demanding highest wearing comfort, multiple adjustments and large cover area.

In contrast to the LAMDBA ONE the EXCITE frame features 2 discrete plastic laser protection filters. The filter-frame-technology offers the possibility of two basically different wearing options - with multiple adjustable Quatroflex-temples or with flexible strap. The version #881 with factory mounted strap is prefered in medical applications or harsh industrial environments. To preserve the exceptional high wearing comfort in this case the EXCITE frame is upgraded with a special soft padded sub-frame on the inner side of the spectacle.

The lagre base curve 8 of the filters provides an impressive large field of view without any restrictions.


  • Comfortable 2-filter frame
  • Quatroflex temples with length and inclination adjustment
  • Extremely good field of view due to base curve 8
  • Available filters: P1002, P1008, P1009, P1012
  • Low weight
  • Soft padded sub frame as option
  • Alternative wearing with strap

All eyewear manufactured by Laservision is fully compliant with the Australian Laser Safety Standard ANZS1337 which states that laser safety eyewear must be able to withstand the direct hit from a laser beam for 10 seconds for a CW laser or 100 pulses for a Pulsed system. This requirement is of both the filters and frames.


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