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Laservision Filters with Reflective Coating

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Laservision Filters with Reflective Coating

Filters with the highest optical densities (OD)


The much more advanced, but technically more complicated technology to create filters of high optical density, is the coating of the substrate with dielectric interference layers. By special design of the layer sequences and by suitable choice of the coating materials, multiple coating layers are vapour deposited on the substrate in high vacuum conditions, with an accuracy of a few nanometres. For the so called blocking laser wavelength, constructive multiple reflection is achieved and the filter reflects nearly all the laser light. As required in the Standard, the filters must block all wavelengths (for which it is designed) over the required range of 30°.

With the exception fo the blocked wavelength nearly all light passes the filter without attenuation. Therefore, compared to any absorbing filter in the visible, coated filters have much better colour vision and higher visible light transmission (VLT).


  • Highest Optical Densities (OD)
  • Combination with plastic and glass substrates
  • Best colour vision and highest daylight tranmission
  • Available with different frame styles
  • Break-proof through special substrates
  • Scratch resistant through special coatings
  • Low weight and high comfort

Click on the models tab for a full list of the reflective filters available, and a link to Laservision's website to view the specifications and transmission curve for each filter. Alternatively, send us the details of your laser and we will make a recommendation for you.

Filter typeColourFull protection
T23Light greyIR laser diodes
Mode-locked lasers 795-805nm
T27OrangeMode-locked lasers 1064nm, 532nm
T35Light greyMode-locked lasers 1030-1100nm
T37OrangeMode-locked lasers 1064nm, 532nm
T43ClearIR laser diodes
T44ClearIR laser diodes
T60Light yellow180-380nm
T62Teal808nm diode pumped Nd:YAG
T73Light green

Click on the link above to go to Laservision's website and view the specifications and transmission curve for each filter


Laservision catalogue (9MB pdf)                          Read more on Laservision's website