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Laservision VISION L-05/L05K Spectacle

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Laservision VISION L-05/L05K Spectacle

The most popular LASERVISION spectacle for glass and plastic filters


The VISION frame with curved filters (base curve 6) is the most popular LASERVISION spectacle for glass and plastic filters. The frame features a very good fit with lots of individual adjustments. The internal metal lamination (reinforced version L-05K) guarantees long life time and high protection levels without any restriction of wearing comfort.


  • Filter with base curve 6 for good field of view
  • Highest protection levels as DIR L9 315-1400nm
  • Absorbing and reflecting glass filters
  • Absorbing and reflecting plastic filters
  • Multiple adjustable Duoflex temples
  • Standard (L-05) and enforced version (L-05K)
  • Head strap or malleable temples as option

All eyewear manufactured by Laservision is fully compliant with the Australian Laser Safety Standard ANZS1337 which states that laser safety eyewear must be able to withstand the direct hit from a laser beam for 10 seconds for a CW laser or 100 pulses for a Pulsed system. This requirement is of both the filters and frames.


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