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Coherent HighLight FL Series Fibre Lasers

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Coherent HighLight FL Series Fibre Lasers

Coherent HighLight FL Series Fibre Lasers

Reliable and versatile production tools


The Coherent-ROFIN HighLight FL fibre lasers are high brightness, high-power fibre lasers offering output powers from 500W to 10,000W. With their modular and robust design the lasers have been set-up for optimum efficiency, flexibility and reliability in industrial applications such as cutting, welding and surface treatment. HighLight FL lasers incorporate technical iinocations with field-proven reliability into solutions that can be optimally tailored to enable higher throughput in many materials processing applications.

The combination of different power levels and range of fibre core diameters allow for precise adaptation in a broad range of processing tasks. The lasers allow operation either in CW or pulsed mode at repetition rates of up to 5kHz. The emitted wavelength of 1µm achieves high absorption in many materials and is especially suitable for processing highly reflective materials.



  • Output powers : 500W - 10kW
  • Versatile production tool due to wide range of beam qualities
  • Field-proven "all fibre" technology
  • Back reflection safe
  • Long life diode pumping modules on T-bars
  • All fibre beam combiner for power scaling
  • Industry leading power control for high process consistency

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


HighLight FL Datasheet                                                             Read more on Coherent's website