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Opotek Radiant Series Tunable Laser Systems

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Opotek Radiant Series Tunable Laser Systems

High energy tunable laser system


The RADIANT series tunable laser systems utilises optical parametric oscillator (OPO) technology to generate wavelengths over a broad range in the MIR (Radiant IR), NIR (Radiant 532) and UV/VIS/IR (Radiant 355).

Integration of system components into one compact unit increases ruggedness, prevents misalignment and allows movement of the system. Hermetically sealed modules protect sensitive optical materials from the environment.

Wavelength tuning is hands-free and PC controlled. The system includes the Quantel Q-smart Nd:YAG pump laser, OPO, access to 1064nm pump beam, control software, SDK and 635nm guidance laser to assist with beam alignment.


  • All-in-one compact design
  • Crystals coated and hermetically sealed
  • Software development kit (SDK) available
  • Disconnectable cables allow system movement
  • 100 million pulse flashlamp lifetime
  • Hands-free PC-controlled tuning (SCAN/BURST)
  • Optional motorised variable atenuator available
  • Externally triggerable
  • (1) All tunable beams exit a single port
  • (2) Residual 1064nm access

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


Radiant IR datasheet                                                Radiant 532 datasheet


Radiant 355 datasheet                                          Read more on Opotek's website