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Coherent RegA High Repetition Rate Ultrafast Amplifier

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Coherent RegA High Repetition Rate Ultrafast Amplifier

Coherent RegA High Repetition Rate Ultrafast Amplifier

Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifiers with repetition rates up to 500kHz


With repetition-rates to 500 kHz available, the RegA series provides a unique range of performance for Ti:Sapphire amplifiers.


The use of CW pumping with the market-leading Verdi DPSS laser creates a stable, near diffraction-limited output beam with energy to >6µJ at the standard 250kHz repetition rate. Utilising chirped pulse amplification, the RegA amplifies seed pulses from the Mira or Vitara depending on the final performance requirements.



  • CW-pumped regenerative amplifier
  • High repetition rate, variable up to 300kHz
  • Ultrastable operation
  • Near-diffraction-limited output beam
  • Integrated pulse compressor (9000), external stretcher.compressor (9050)
  • Multiple OPA pumping
  • Advanced electronic control
  • 2-box solution with Vitesse Duo (RegA 9000 only)

RegA 9000
The standard version of the RegA, offering high repetition rate amplified pulses. Pulse stretching and compression are accomplished within the RegA package. The RegA may be seeded with pulses from a femtosecond Mira, Vitesse-800 or Vitesse Duo.


RegA 9050
Designed to amplify short pulses in the regime of 50fs. Although it possesses the same fundamental design as the RegA 9000, it incorporates an external stretcher and compressor. The amplifier must be seeded by high bandwidth pulses from the Micra or Vitesse.


RegA 9040
Offers the shortest pulse widths in the RegA family. Seeded by Micra or Mantis, it is also designed with an external stretcher.compressor.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


  RegA datasheet                                                                      Read more on Coherent Inc's website


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