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Coherent Vitesse Integrated Oscillator

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Coherent Vitesse Integrated Oscillator

Family of turn-key, compact mode-locked Ti:Sapphire oscillators with integrated Verdi pump


The Vitesse series provides a compact, rugged package as well as turn-key, truly hands-off operation and features a pulsewidth of >100fs. Vitesse is particularly suitable as a seed for ultrafast amplifiers, such as the Coherent RegA 9000/9050.

Vitesse 800
The Vitesse 800 combines a Verdi and a mode-locked Ti:Sapphire oscillator into one integrated box, and operates at a fixed wavelength 800nm. It is available in 2W or 5W pumped versions.

Vitesse Duo
Vitesse Duo are diode-pumped solid-state lasers using a 10W Verdi CW laser to both seed the Vitesse ultrafast oscillator and pump the RegA. The result is a compact and economical, 2-box, all solid-state solution for high repetition rate, ultrafast amplification.


  • Compact, rugged package
  • Turn-key, truly hands-off operation
  • Up to 750mW at 80MHz
  • <100fs pulse width at 800nm
  • Active pointing control for long-term alignment stability
  • Light-loop stabilisation for long-term power stability
  • Integrated Verdi DPSS pump laser for proven reliability and ease of maintenance
  • Replaceable diode bars in power supply
  • PermAlignTM manufacturing


           Vitesse datasheet                                       Read more on Coherent Inc's website

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