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EDAX Velocity EBSD Camera Series

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EDAX Velocity EBSD Camera Series

EDAX Velocity EBSD Camera Series

Fastest acquisition for efficient EBSD data collection


The Velocity™ EBSD camera offers high-speed EBSD mapping with the highest indexing performance on real world materials. Powered by a CMOS sensor, the Velocity™ combines fast acquisition with high sensitivity and low noise performance for optimal collection and data quality.

The Velocity Camera Series is available in four different models:

Velocity Ultra - Up to 6,700 indexed points per second (ipps)
Velocity Super - Up to 4,500 ipps
Velocity Plus - Up to 3,000 ipps
Velocity Pro - Up to 2,000 ipps

These speeds can be achieved for all models while providing indexing success rates up to 99%. EDAXs proven triplet indexing routine provides orientation precision values of less than 0.1° without needing any specialised processing routines for accurate characterisation of deformed microstructures.


  • Data collection rates up to 6,700 ipps
  • Provides high sensitivty, low noise images for EBSD indexing at the highest speeds
  • Orientation precision less than 0.1°
  • High indexing success rates
  • High-speed simultaneoius EDS-EBSD collection

The performance of the Velocity camera extends to a wide range of materials, including lower symmetry, multi-phase, and deformed structures. The Velocity Series enables efficient data collection on these real-world samples with the quality results needed for optimal materials analysis.

The Velocity EBSD Cameras can integrate with compatible EDAX EDS detectors for efficient simultaneous EDS-EBSD collection, even at the highest collection speeds. When combined with ChI-Scan™ analysis, this results in useful integrated data for accurate phase differentiation.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Velocity datasheet Read more on EDAX website