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Nikon V-12B Profile Profector

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Nikon V-12B Profile Profector

Nikon V-12B Profile Profector

Nikon's benchtop optical comparator with enhanced features for improved precision and ease of operation





Nikon Metrology’s compact profile projector offers a super-strong construction in combination with excellent optical performance. The V-12B series has a 12” (305mm) projection screen and a variety of measuring stages of outstanding build quality. The optical head moves above a fixed height stage focusing on the sample, this provides superior precision and fine accuracy throughout the component measurement cycle. Optional built-in digital display counter and digital protractor are available as accessories. Proven performance around the world with many users trusting the V-12B’s performance, reliability and user-friendly controls.


Large Stage Mountable: Focusing is achieved by moving the objective head up and down, allowing stages with longer cross travel to be mounted
Adjustable Base Feet: Workpieces as tall as 100mm can be loaded
Projection Lenses: All projection lenses, 5x to 500x, boast high resolution and minimal distortion, with longer working distances
Four-step Zooming Condenser Lens: Using contour illumination, this condenser delivers the right amount of light to suit the magnification of the projection lens selected
Switchable Vertical/Oblique Illumination: Built-in surface illuminator can be switched between vertical and oblique illumination
Erect Images: Projection images are erect and unreversed for easy measurements
Built-in Digital Counter and Protractor: The V-12BDC and 12BSC types come with a digital XY counter, while the V-12BDC and V-12BD types have a built-in digital protractor for greater ease-of-use


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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