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Aerotech AOM360D Gimbal

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Aerotech AOM360D Gimbal

Provide ultra-precise elevation-over-azimuth positioning



Aerotech's AOM360D series of positioning gimbal mounts provides ultra-precise elevation-over-azimuth positioning. The finest quality motors, bearings and transducers are incorporated into precision-machined housings to ensure peak performance.



  • Continuous 360 degree rotation of both axes
  • High axis positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Low axis wobble and orthogonality
  • Direct-drive brushless servomotors
  • High accuracy induction feedback
  • Cog-free design for outstanding velocity stability
  • Accommodates loads up to 500mm diameter
  • Vacuum-compatible versions available

The AOM360D series positioning gimbal mounts are ideal for automatic testing of components that must be precisely positioned in azimuth and elevation, such as sensors and optics. Other applications include calibration, laser beam steering, target acquisition and tracking, camera and telescope scanning and pointing.


Accurate 360° Positioning
Direct-drive brushless torque motors, incorporating rare-earth magnets and high-accuracy transducers, are coupled directly to precision shafts for accurate and smooth 360° continuous motion. The absence of gear trains and other drive mechanisms eliminates position error contributions due to mechanical hysteresis and backlash. Directly-coupled high-resolution inductosyn position transducers ensure highly accurate and repeatable positioning with gimbal accuracy down to ±5µrad (±1arc sec).


Superior Mechanical Design Features
Large diameter, matched-set ABEC-7 bearings maximise performance with respect to wobble, moment stiffness and rotating friction. A thick-walled, precision-ground shaft further minimises wobble. The large diameter bearing permits large payloads without compromising performance. Three tapped holes with leveling screws provide a convenient means to align the gimbal axes with the optical axis.


Mirror and Alternate Payload Accommodation
A variety of mirror cell diameters are available for standard optic applications. We also provide for custom payload attachment solutions to accommodate various device interfaces. Each gimbal mirror cell can be modified or replaced with different shaped cells to accommodate sensors or other odd shaped payloads. We understand customer payloads vary and our engineers have a variety of solutions to implement offset CG payloads.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


AOM360D Series datasheet                                                     Read more on Aerotech's website