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Bruker Hysitron TI980 Nanomechanical Test System

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Bruker Hysitron TI980 Nanomechanical Test System

Bruker Hysitron TI980 Nanomechanical Test System

One giant leap for Nanomechanical and Nanotribological testing

Bruker NanoSurfaces

The Hysitron TI980 Triboindenter is Bruker's latest, most advanced nanomechanical test instrument that lies at the intersection of maximum performance, flexibility, reliability, usability and speed. The TI980 Nanoindenter is the next-generation of Bruker's renowned Hysitron TriboIndenter product family, building upon decades of technological innovation to deliver a new level of extraordinary performance, enhanced capabilities, and ultimate versatility in nanomechanical and nanotribological charactersiation.

Keeping you at the Forefront of Materials Discovery and Development

Powered by Bruker's Performech® II Advanced Control Module, the TI980 Nanoindenter delivers remarkable advances in control and throughput capabilities, testing flexibility, applicability, sensitivity, measurement reliability, and system modularity. The TI980's powerful base configuration includes quantitative nanoscale-to-microscale indentation, nanoscratch, nanowear, high resolution in-situ Scanning Probe Microscopy imaging, dyamic nanoindetation, and high speed mechanical property mapping; providing a comprehensive understanding of material behavior at the nanoscale.

Simplicity and Speed of Automation

The Hysitron TI980 provides rapid, multi-sample and multi-technique automated testing capabilities for high-throughput characterisation. Smart automation routines validate probe shapre at user-defined intervals, and its high resolution multi-scale imaging with whole-sample optical surveying streamlines the testing process.

Futureproof Characterisation Potetial

The TI980 Nanoindenter was developed with maximum flexibility in mind, knowing your characterisation needs today will likely be different in the future. The TI980 supports the largest range of hybrid and correlative nanomechanical characterisation techniques, promising to keep your resarch and materials development at the forefront of technology. Combined with versatile system control and data anlysis software, universal sample mounting options (mechanical, magnetic and vacuum), and a modular environmental enclosure, the TI980 will adapt to your future characterisation requirements.

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