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Semrock BrightLine Bandpass and Edge Filters

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Semrock BrightLine Bandpass and Edge Filters

Semrock BrightLine Bandpass and Edge Filters

Every Semrock filter is hard-coated for no burn-out performance. Ten year warranty


Semrock stocks an exceptional range of BrightLine® high-performance, high-reliability individual fluorescence bandpass and edge filters that have been optimised for use in a variety of fluorescence instruments. These filters exclusively utilise their patented single-substrate construction for the highest performance and reliability.


These filters all utilise Semrock's patented single-substrate construction for exceptional durability and permanent, "no burn out" performance. The substate is a high-optical-quality and low autofluorescence glass. The size refers to the outer dimensions of the filter. Unless otherwise noted, all filters are housed in a standard 25mm diameter round, black-anodised aluminium ring, with a clear aperture of at least 21mm.


All Semrock filters are proven to be exceptionally durable and environmentally reliable, even in hot and high-huimidity conditions, and are capable of withstanding high optical intensities. Semrock filters either have laser damage threshold specifications, or, depending on the application, have been tested with intense broadband sources for extended periods of time with no noticeable degradation. Semrock filters do not burn out under normal conditions, even after prolonged use. 


Click here to go to Semrock's website for a full list of BrightLine Single-band, Multiband bandpass and edge filters. Prices listed are in US$ and do not include any delivery charges or taxes to Australia and New Zealand. Contact us for further information. All standard products are in stock at Semrock NY and can be delivered to Australia/New Zealand within 1-2 weeks.


2019 Semrock catalogue (13Mb pdf)                                               Read more on Semrock's website