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Semrock Polarising Bandpass Filters

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Semrock Polarising Bandpass Filters

Semrock Polarising Bandpass Filters

Every Semrock filter is hard-coated for durable performance. Ten year warranty.


These unique, patent-pending filters are superb linear polarisers with a contrast ratio exceeding 1,000,000-to-1. In addition, with high-performance bandpass characteristics (including high transmission and steep edges), they make an excellent laser source clean-up filter (eliminating undesired polarisation and light noise away from the laser wavelength) as well as detection filters to pass a laser wavelength range and block background noise.


They are ideal for a wide variety of laboratory laser applications, especially those involving holographic and interferometric systems, as well as fluorescence polarisation assays and imaging, second harmonic-generation imaging, polarisation diversity detection in communications and range finding, and laser materials processing.



  • Contrast ratio >1,000,000:1
  • High transmission (>95%) within optimised passband (for p-polarisation light)
  • Superior optical quality - low scatter, wavefront distortion, and beam deviation
  • Hard-coating realiability and high laser damage threshold (1J/cm2)
  • Large clean aperture coupled with 90° beamsplitter funcitonality
  • 25mm and 25.2mm x 35.6mm filter sizes available


Click here to visit the Semrock website for prices. The prices are in US$ and do not include delivery charges to Australia, or any taxes. All standard products are typically in stock at Semrock and can be delivered to Australia and New Zealand 1-2 weeks ARO. Please contact us for a quotation or further information.


2019 Semrock catalogue (12Mb pdf)                                      Read more on Semrock's website