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Andor iXon SRRF-Stream Super Resolution

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Andor iXon SRRF-Stream Super Resolution

Andor iXon SRRF-Stream Super Resolution

New real time super-resolution microscopy functionality


SRRF-Stream’ is a NEW real time super-resolution microscopy functionality that operates exclusively on Andor’s iXon Life and iXon Ultra EMCCD cameras.



  • Real Time - enhanced workflow, avoids post-processing
  • Super-Resolution - 2 to 6 fold improvement (50-150nm final resolution)
  • Low Excitation Intensities (mW-W/cm2) - prolonged live cell observations and accurate physiology
  • Conventional Fluorophores, e.g. GFP - simple labelling, no photo-switching required
  • Live Cell Dynamics - full FOV images every 1-2 secs. Smaller ROI sizes can readily achieve super-resolution at >10Hz
  • Cost-Effective - convert conventional fluorescence microscopes to super-resolution microscopes: widefield, TIRF, confocal

The resolving power of SRRF-Stream is excellent, yielding a resolution improvement from 2- to 6-fold (50-150nm final resolution) for most datasets.


SRRF-Stream super-resolution processing is done at a rate up to 30x faster than the ImageJ-based post processing implementation of SRRF (NanoJ-SRRF). Furthermore, SRRF-Stream processing is carried out in parallel with data acquisition, as opposed to being restricted to post-processing, resulting in a significant workflow advantage. SRRF-Stream images can be readily viewed via the Live Mode of the acquisiton software.


For further information please contact us or download the technical note.


SRRF-Stream Technical Note                                                  Read more on Andor's website