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Nikon N-SIM E Super Resolution Microscope

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Nikon N-SIM E Super Resolution Microscope

Nikon N-SIM E Super Resolution Microscope

A personal super-resolution microscope that provides the same high resolution as the N-SIM S





N-SIM-E is a streamlined, affordable super-resolution system that provides double the resolution of conventional light microscopes. Combining N-SIM-E and a confocal microscope allows you the flexibility to select a location in the confocal image, and easily switch to view it in super-resolution, enabling the acquisition of more detail. Voyaging into the nanoverse opens up the possibilities of this new frontier in life sciences.


The N-SIM-E utilises Nikon's innovative new approach to "structured illumination microscopy" technology. By pairing this powerful technology with Nikon's renowned CFI SR Apochromat TIRF 100x oil objective (NA 1.49), the N-SIM E nearly doubles the spatial resolution of conventional optical microscopes (to approximately 115nm*), and enables detailed visualisation of the minute intracellular structures and their interactive functions.



  • Double the resolution of conventional light microscopes
  • Fast 1 sec/frame temporal resolution for super resolution imaging
  • Acquire larger fields of view
  • Axial super-high resolution imaging with 3D-SIM mode
  • Seamless switching between imaging modalities for multi-scale experiments
  • 3-colour multi-laser super-resolution capability
  • Objectives for super-resolution microscopes (Silicone immersion objectives, dry objective)

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


Double the resolution of conventional microscopes

Left: Super-resolution image (Slice 3D-SIM mode)
Right: Conventional widefield image
Microtubules in B16 Melanoma cell labeled with YFP
Objective: CFI Apochromat TIRF 100x oil (NA 1.49)
Image capturing speed: approximately 1.8sec/frame (movie)
Photographed with the cooperation of Dr Yasushi Okada, Laboratory for Cell Polarity Regulation,Quantitative Biology Centre, RIKEN


Left: Confocal image
Right: Super-resolution image
Select the location to acquire a SIM image in a confocal image, and then acquire the SIM image of the selected location


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