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Coherent Chameleon Compact OPO Family

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Coherent Chameleon Compact OPO Family

Coherent Chameleon Compact OPO Family

Hands free, automated wavelength extension options using OPO technology


The Chameleon Compact OPO Family are hands free, automated wavelength extension options using optical parametric oscillator technology. They are purpose designed to be pumped with the Chameleon Ultra and Vision series Ti:Sapphire lasers.


Chameleon MPX

The new Chameleon MPX extends the wavelength range of Chameleon Vision and Ultra Ti:Sapphire lasers and is specifically designed and optimised for non-linear imaging techniques. Featuring a wide pump tuning range, the Chameleon MPX offers independently tunable dual beam excitation of popular fluorescent probes (e.g. eGFP, mCherry), with enabling powerful and truly flexible multimodal imaging.


Chameleon Compact OPO Dual tunability performance offering wavelength extension to 1600nm, with idler option to extend to 4000nm using the latest fan-poled opo crystal technology.

Chameleon Compact OPO-Vis The ultimate in widely tunable femtosecond lasers. The OPO-Vis add frequency doubling to both the Pump laser and OPO to give continuous tuning from 340nm to 1600nm. Wavelengths can be selected by the click of a button giving users the ability to spend more time on their science, and less time optimising their laser.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

Chameleon MPX
  Pumped by Chameleon Ultra II Pumped by Chameleon Vision II
Tuning range (nm) 1010 to 1340 1010 to 1340
Pump wavelength range (nm) 760 to 910 760 to 910
Output power (mW) >750 >700
Chameleon Compact OPO
  Chameleon Ultra II Chameleon Vision II With Idler option with Max IR option
Tuning Range (nm) 1000 to 1600 1000 to 1350 - -
Pump Wavelength Range (nm) 740 to 880 760 to 880 signal as shown, plus 1750 to 3800  
Output power at 1100nm (mW) >700 >5700 - >650
Output power at 2000nm (mW) - - >100 -
Pulse width (fs) typ. 200
Beam diameter (mm) 2.0
Chameleon Compact OPO-Vis
  Without OPO operation, either fundamental or SHG output
  Chameleon Chameleon SHG
Tuning range (nm) 680 to 1080 340 to 540
Power (w) 95% 1.0
Pulse width (fs) (typ) 140
  With OPO operation, Chameleon fundamental or SHG simultaneously with either OPO fundamental or OPO SHG
  Chameleon OPO Chameleon SHG OPO SHG
Tuning range (nm) 740 to 880 1000 to 1600 370 to 540 500 to 800
Power (mW) 15% 700mW at 1100nm >50mW 110 at 550nm
Pulse width (fs) (typ) 140 200 140 200


Chameleon Compact OPO datasheet                                Chameleon Compact OPO-Vis datasheet



Chameleon MPX datasheet                                                      Lasers for Life Sciences


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