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Bruker Contour GT-K 3D Optical Microscope

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Bruker Contour GT-K 3D Optical Microscope

Combining exceptional profiling performance, operator convenience, and affordability into one bench top instrument

Bruker NanoSurfaces

The ContourGT-K 3D Optical Microscope sets a new industry standard in design and cost for surface metrology performance. With exceptional roughness and 2D/3D measurement capabilities, high-resolution imaging and the industry’s most advanced user friendly interface, the system offers uncompromised metrology in a simplified package with a compact footprint.


  • Best Z resolution independent of magnification
  • Largest field of view
  • High-stability, vibration-tolerant design
  • High-resolution and colour camera options
  • Streamlined interface and intuitive workflow
  • Real-time automated measurement optimisation
  • Extensive library of filters and anlysis options
  • Customised analysis reporting

The gage-capable system offers intuitive access to an extensive library of pre-programmed filters and analyses for a wide range of surface metrology applications. Boasting unmatched Z-axis resolution and accuracy, the ContourGT-K provides all of the industry recognised advantages of Bruker’s proprietary white light interferometry without the deficiencies of conventional confocal and standard digital microscopes.

With thousands of customised analyses and Bruker’s simple, powerful Vision64™ user interface, the ContourGT-K is optimised for productivity in the lab and on the factory floor. In addition, the ContourGT-K can be significantly extended past the standard platform with field-upgradable add-ons and application-specific customisation packages:

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