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Bruker HD9800+ 3D Optical Microscope

Bruker HD9800+ 3D Optical Microscope

Bruker HD9800+ 3D Optical Microscope

Accurate and versatile process control monitoring for data storage

Bruker NanoSurfaces

The HD9800+ 3D Optical Microscope is the world's most advanced optical profiler for in-line data storage slider metrology. Full automation for slider CCT (crown, camber and twist) and PTR (pole tip recession) characterisation delivers the high-speed throughput needed for advanced process control. Patented dual illumination, on-board self-calibration, and dedicated data storage hardware and analysis software result in the fastest and most gauge-capable system for data storage slider applications.


  • Fourth-generation, large-format surface profiling system
  • Automated, non-contact 3D slider inspection and metrology
  • Extremely rapid data acquisition and fast image processing
  • Increase immunity to production floor noise and vibration
  • Self-calibration compensation for environmental variations

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