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DRS DS Spero Chemical Imaging Microscope

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DRS DS Spero Chemical Imaging Microscope

DRS DS Spero Chemical Imaging Microscope

Unrivaled Mid-IR spectroscopy

Daylight Solutions

In a class of their own, the Spero® microscopes are the world's first and only fully integrated, wide-field spectroscopy microscopy and imaging platforms based on their broadly tunable mid-IR quantum cascade laser technology.




The all-new Spero-QT microscope is the second-generation platform in this new class of instruments and represents yet another breakthrough in IR spectroscopy, with high-performance, label-free chemical imaging. The Spero system offers unrivaled mid-IR spectroscopy, substantially outperforming FTIR microscopes in spatial resolution, speed, and field-of-view capabilities while eliminating the need for cryogenic cooling. This system is faster than Raman or Phothermal IR microscopes, by orders of magnitude, while avoiding the issues of sample auto-fluorescence. Using a proprietary wide-field, low-noise instrument architecture, the Spero microscopes enable new data collection modalities such as live, real-time chemical imaging and user-defined sparse discrete frequency data collection. Their small desktop footprints make them suitable for labs with space constraints. The Spero-QT system has the wide-field, high-resolution attributes of its predecessor but with the capability to produce twice the data in one-tenth of the time, while achieving unprecedented signal-to-noise ratios. The Spero-QT stage can image up to 3 microscope slides, and its larger sample compartment makes the Spero-QT more compatible with microfluidic devices and accessories.



The Spero-LT is the latest model in the Spero product family. The LT offers the same high-performance speed and resolution specifications as the Spero-QT flagship model but is economically configured to address a wide range of materials and life sciences research applications while fitting within tight budget constraints. Contact us to learn what configuration options are available.



  • Real-time, high throughput spectral imaging enabled by ultra-high brightness QCL technology
  • No stains or molecular tags required
  • Label-free IR spectroscopy displays pure chemistry of sample
  • No cryogenic cooling needed
  • Quick setup means more time for analysis

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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