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Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Metallugical Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Metallugical Microscope

Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Metallugical Microscope

Superior image quality, small footprint and great cost performance



The MA100N is a compact inverted microscope designed for bright field and simple polarising observations. Responding to the requests from manufacturing and QA/QC sections in a variety of industries, Nikon developed this simple but durable model which enables high contract image observation and capture. Further, the high intensity LED illumination reduces the need for frequent lamp reaplcement


High-intensity LED illumination (Eco-illumination): Compared to conventional halogen illumination, these high intensity LED sources consume only about one third of the electricity. The MA100N ensures table sample observation with uniform colour temperature even in different light intensity


Redesign to 11% smaller than the conventional models: The MA100N is a model designated for LED illumination, which enables users to save about 11% of footprint and have more installation choices.


Aperture Diaphram: The epi illuminator comes standard with a condenser which enables users to control image contrast and depth of field of the sample.


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