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Nikon SMZ1270i Stereomicroscope

Nikon SMZ1270i Stereomicroscope

Nikon SMZ1270i Stereomicroscope

Expanded zoom range, remarkable image sharpness, and intelligent image acquisition features






To meet and exceed the needs to observe minute structures while covering a wide field of view in the biological fields where biological body screening, injection and observation are conducted every day, the SMZ1270i was developed by Nikon to feature expanded zoom ratio, high operability, intelligent image acquisition features and excellent optical performance.


In combination with the Camera Control Unit DS-L3 and imaging software NIS-Elements, the SMZ1270i can detect zoom magnification data. In addition, with the Intelligent Nosepiece P-RNI2 attached, data related to the objective in use is also detected. Calibration data is automatically altered, following changes of magnification, to display the appropriate scale and measurement results on the images.



Advanced Digital Imaging Capabilites: In combination with the DS-L3 Camera Control Unit, NIS-Elements imaging software, and P-RN2 Intelligent Nosepiece, image acquisition is now more efficient with the objective magnification and zoom ratio infomration displayed on the monitor.
Best-In-Class Zoom Ratio: Zoom Ratio of 12.7x covers an even greater magnification range than previous models.
High Quality Images: Amazingly clear and bright images with reduced chromatic aberrations with the newly developed "Plan Apo WF"and "ED plan WF" objectives
Uniform Bright Widefield: New objectives optimised for widefield observation at low magnification, including a new 0.75x objective
Versatile Double Nosepiece: A double nosepiece allows for seamless observation in a wide range of magnifications
Improved Ergonomics: Ergonomic eyepiece tube and slimline plain and diascopic LED stands
Expandable with a Wide Range of Accessories: An assortment of accessories is available such as illumination units, stands and eyepiece tubes


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.

0.63x zoom 8x zoom



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