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Nikon Eclipse Ci-L plus Upright Microscope

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Nikon Eclipse Ci-L plus Upright Microscope

Nikon Eclipse Ci-L plus Upright Microscope

Ergonomic and comfortable to use - all day, every day





The new Eclipse Ci-L plus biological microscope from Nikon is designed with a focus on ease-of-use as well as the health and working styles of people involved in research. With greater comfort and usabiity, the Ci series brings revolutionary changes to microscopy observation.


Maintains optimal brightness

The light intensity management (LIM) function developed by Nikon automatically stores any changes to brightness settings. This helps avoid drastic changes in brightness when switching between different magnifications during observation, thereby helping to mitigate eye strain.


Keep the same observation posture with automatic brightness adjustment

The LIM function saves and recalls the optimal brightness level for each objective, eliminating the need to manually adjust the illuminator and change posture every time you switch objective lenses.


Ergonomically designed with attention toward eliminating beck, shoulders and back strain

The eyepiece tube can be inclined and extended, and the angle of the elbow can be adjusted by changing the height of the handle, so that you can always adopt a posture that suits you, thereby reducing physical strain.


User-friendly stage operation

With the addition of a nosepiece spacer, the stage height can be lowered 20 mm from the standard position, reducing strain during frequent specimen change. The stage handle height can also be changed to ensure a comfortable hand position. The stage height can be locked using the refocusing knob, allowing quick refocusing after specimen changes. The stage is coated with a high-durability, scratch-resistant ceramic coating.


Status display for easy confirmation at a glance

Quickly and easily check magnification and brightness settings using the display at the base of the microscope without changing your observation posture.


Bright and uniform Eco-illumination

The Eco-illumination is a low-power-consuming, eco-friendly illumination system that produces uniform brightness and reduces the cost and effort of lamp replacement, thanks to its 60,000 hour, high-luminescent LED. By combining a collimator lens, fly-eye optics and LED illumination, bright and edge-to-edge uniform images can be obtained even at high magnifications. The LED illuminator features low-heat generation and provides the same color temperature at every magnification.


For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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