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Nikon NIS-Elements Documentation Imaging Software

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Nikon NIS-Elements Documentation Imaging Software

Nikon NIS-Elements Documentation Imaging Software

The ideal microscope imaging software for easy capture, processing, reporting and storage






NIS-Elements D utilises a single window graphical user interface tailored for facilitating image capture, object measurement and counting, databasing and report generation. Menu options have been streamlined, making this the most intuitive and easy-to-use microscopy software package on the market. The combination of integrated automated intelligence, streamlined workflow, attention to detail and creative design makes NIS-Elements Documentation the perfect package for clinical and industrial applications such as particle analysis, defect analysis and fiber & textile material analysis.


Key modules in the package include an optional database capability allowing one-click image acquisition and transfer from a camera to a user-defined database. A report generator allows users to create report templates for PDF-based reports. The product also includes sophisticated large image stitching capabilities, enabling the capture of ultra-high resolution images with a motorised stage. Optional plug-ins are available, such as the Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) module, which creates an all-in-focus image from a series of Z-axis images.


General Tools

The NIS-Elements Documentation package supplies a base of broad tools that address common imaging needs. Learning and moving through the package is made easy by customisable window layouts, simple workflow for switching between controls, dialogs and live and saved images. NIS-Elements Documentation is compatible with all common file formats and incorporates nondestructive archiving of single image sequences, annotations, calibrations and other image data.

  • Image Format: NIS-Elements incorporates an advanced multi-layered documen structure using lossless JPEG2000 image file format.
  • Layout Management: NIS-Elements offers the user the choice of two built-in layouts in which to operate the software.
  • Autosave Folder (Filmstrip View): Within the layout of NIS-Elements, an 'Auto Save Folder', which displays tiled images from a selectable directory



Simple image capture and preparation has never been more flexible using NIS-Elements Documentation. This comprehensive solution includes intuitive camera controls, microscope and device controls, annotation tools and saving and retrieving functions from an uncomplicated and fully-searchable database. The report generator collects images and associated data, auto-updating as necessary, and saves or exports to a printer or pdf file.

  • Image Preparation: Annotation and Enhancement: One of the key modules in NIS-Elements is the advanced but easy-to-use database functionality.
  • Report Generation: Report templates can be created with customised test, graphs and image file.
  • Macros and API (Advanced Interpreter) Option: Flexibility in custom tailoring the software for specific applications is possible through simple built-in macro recording and the Advanced Macro Builder


Acquisition Tools

NIS-Elements Documentation offers the user the choice to add one dimension for image capture, Z-motor control for a Z-series, stage control for multiple stage positions (ideal for large image stitching) or a time-lapse to observe any changes over time. One can be utilised at a time, but all three additional dimensions are available.

  • Z-series: Images at different Z-axis planes can be captured with a motorised Z-Focus control
  • Multi-point: With a motorised stage installed, it is possible to automate the capture of images at multiple points in XY (and optionally Z) across the sample
  • Time Lapse: This module allows for simple configuration of data collection over time.
  • Live Compare Option: This module is ideal for comparing a live image with a stored image

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