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Today Nikon is a world-renowned brand, firmly established as a market leader in optical instrumentation and the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, ensuring the very finest quality assurance throughout production. With over 90 years expertise in the field, Nikon has always been at the forefront of optical and technological innovation.


Product Keywords
JEOL NeoScope JCM-7000 Benchtop SEM
4th generation NeoScope is smart, powerful and flexible
Nikon JEOL JCM-7000 NeoScope benchtop SEM
Microscope Essentials
Keep your optical microscope operating in tip-top shape!
lens cleaning tissue immersion oil lens cleaning kit blow balls dust covers stage micrometers LED ringlight glass bottom dish
Microscope Systems for IVF
Superior optical performance and precision for ICSI
Narishige Takanome Micromanipulation System
Revolutionary new system for ICSI
Narishige Takanome
Nikon A1R HD Multiphoton Confocal Microscope
Detects ultra-deep dynamics within living organisms
Nikon A1R HD Multiphoton confocal microscope
Nikon A1RHD25 Confocal Microscope
A confocal microscope that captures images with a 25mm field of view
Nikon AX/AX R Confocal Microscope System
The new standard in confocal imaging
Nikon AZ100 Multi-Purpose Zoom Microscope
Broad application range, from high to lower power, in a single microscope
Nikon AZ100 multi-purpose zoom microscope
Nikon Biostation CT Cell Culture Observation System
The world's first integrated cell culture observation device
Nikon BioStation CT integrated cell culture observation system
Nikon BioStation IM-Q Time Lapse Imaging System
The perfect solution for long term, live cell time-lapse microscopy
Nikon BioStation IMQ time lapse imaging system
Nikon C2+ Confocal Microscope System
An essential microscopy laboratory instrument
Nikon C2+ confocal microscope
Nikon Digital Sight Cameras and Controllers
Configure a microscope imaging system that's ideal for your specimens and applications
Nikon Digital Sight Camera DS
Nikon Digital Sight CMOS Cameras
Two high resolution 16.25 megapixel CMOS cameras
Nikon CMOS Digital Sight
Nikon Eclipse Ci Clinical Upright Microscope
Feel and see the evolution in clinical microscopy
Nikon Eclipse Ci series clinical microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ci-L plus Upright Microscope
Ergonomic and comfortable to use - all day, every day
Nikon Eclipse Ci-POL Polarising Microscope
Compact polarising microscope that balances optical performance and ease of use
Nikon Eclipse Ci-POL polarising microscope
Nikon Eclipse E100LED Educational Microscope
A student microscope delivering clear, bright images at every magnification
Nikon Eclipse E100 LED biological microscope
Nikon Eclipse E200LED Educational Microscope
Features exceptionally bright and uniform LED illumination and Nikon's high-quality optics
Nikon Eclipse E200 LED basic laboratory microscope
Nikon Eclipse E200POL Polarising Microscope
A cost-efficient polarising microscope incorporating exclusive Nikon CFI60 infinity optics
Nikon Eclipse E200POL polarisation microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ei Educational Microscope
New generation digital solutions that stimulate curiosity
Nikon Eclipse FN1 Fixed Stage Microscope
Fixed stage microscope for electrophysiological research
Nikon FN1 fixed stage microscope
Nikon Eclipse LV100ND/LV100NDA Industrial Microscope
Motorised microscope with episcopic/diascopic illumination
Nikon LV100ND LV100NDA inspection microscope
Nikon Eclipse LV100POL Polarising Microscope
Advanced polarised light microscopy under both diascopic and episcopic illumination
Nikon LV100POL polarising microscope
Nikon Eclipse LV150 Industrial Microscopes
Digital imaging combined with advanced optical system
Nikon Eclipse LV150 industrial microscope
Nikon Eclipse LVX00N/ND FPD/LSI Inspection Microscope
Enhanced observation, durability and operational performance, combined with advanced functionality
Nikon L200N IC inspection microscopes L300N L300ND L200N L200ND
Nikon Eclipse MA100N Inverted Metallugical Microscope
Superior image quality, small footprint and great cost performance
Nikon MA100 inverted metallographic microscope
Nikon Eclipse MA200 Metallurgical Microscope
Introducing Nikon's most advanced metallurgical microscope
Nikon MA200 inverted metallurgical microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ni-E Motorised Research Microscope
A leap forward in research microscopy - see the evolution !
Nikon Ni-E motorised upright microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ni-U Research Microscope
Introducing Nikon's next generation upright microscope. Optical performance, system expandability, ease of use. All evolved.
Nikon Eclipse Ni-U upright microscope
Nikon Eclipse Si Upright Microscope
Focus in comfort. Comfort in focus
Nikon Eclipse Si upright microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ti2-E Inverted Research Microscope
All-new inverted microscope platform for advanced imaging
Ti2-E eclipse inverted microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ts2 Inverted Routine Microscope
New compact inverted routine microscope that does more than ever before !
Ts2 nikon routine inverted microscope
Nikon Eclipse Ts2R Inverted Research Microscope
A new intermediate-sized inverted research microscope designed for a wide variety of applications
nikon TS2R inverted microscope
Nikon Intensilight Fibre Illumination System
Makes difficult lamp alignment a thing of the past
Nikon intensilight fibre illumination system
Nikon MM-200 Measuring Microscope
Precise, compact and easy-to-use measuring microscope for dimensioning and tolerancing
Nikon MM-200 measuring microscope
Nikon MM-400/800 Measuring Microscope
Advancing measuring microscopes
Nikon MM-400 MM-800 measuring microscope
Nikon N-SIM-E Super Resolution Microscope
Introducing an all-new super-resolution system for the individual lab. Achieve 2x resolution at half the price !
Nikon N-SIM super-resolution microscope
Nikon N-SIM-S Super Resolution Microscope
Doubling the conventional resolution limit of live cell time-lapse imaging
Nikon N-SIM super resolution microscope
Nikon N-STORM Super Resolution Microscope
Tenfold increased resolution in x, y and z
Nikon N-STORM super resolution microscope
Nikon NIS-Elements Advanced Research Imaging Software
Optimised for advanced research applications featuring fully automated image acquisition, advanced device control and powerful analysis tools
Nikon NIS-Elements AR advanced research imaging software
Nikon NIS-Elements AI Imaging Software
Taking microscope imaging and analysis to the next level
Nikon NIS-Elements Basic Research Imaging Software
Developed for standard research applications, requiring four-dimensional imaging and advanced device control capabilities
Nikon NIS-Elements Br basic research imaging software
Nikon NIS-Elements Confocal Imaging Software
Dedicated interface for Nikon's confocal and multiphoton systems
Nikon NIS-Elements C Microscope Imaging Software Confocal
Nikon NIS-Elements Documentation Imaging Software
The ideal microscope imaging software for easy capture, processing, reporting and storage
Nikon NIS-Elements Documentation Imaging Software
Nikon NIS-Elements High Content Analysis Imaging Software
Total acquisition-to-analysis solution for high-content imaging applications
Nikon NIS-Elements High Content Analysis Imaging Software
Nikon NIS-Elements Imaging Software - Overview
Flexible software platform for controlling Nikon microscopes and 3rd party components
Nikon NIS-Elements software
Nikon SMZ1270 Stereomicroscope
All new stereomicroscope delivering incredible image sharpness throughout a wide magnification range
Nikon SMZ1270 stereomicroscope
Nikon SMZ1270i Stereomicroscope
Expanded zoom range, remarkable image sharpness, and intelligent image acquisition features
Nikon smz1270i stereomicroscope
Nikon SMZ18 Stereomicroscope
Intelligent yet affordable manual zoom stereomicroscope provides brilliant images and unparalleled uniformity in fluorescence intensity
smz18 nikon stereomicroscope stereoscopic
Nikon SMZ25 Research Stereomicroscope
Break through new stereomicroscope optics deliver the highest zoom range possible, while maintaining high resolution and exceptionally bright, uniform flourescence
smz25 nikon stereoscopic stereomicroscope
Nikon SMZ445/460 Stereomicroscopes
Premium performance in a compact body
Nikon SMZ445 SMZ460 stereomicroscope
Nikon SMZ745 Stereomicroscope
Powerful imaging capabilities at an economical price
Nikon SMZ745 SMZ745T stereomicroscope
Nikon SMZ800N Stereomicroscope
Offers improved work efficiency with evolved operations
nikon smz800n stereomicroscope
Nikon Ti-LAPP Modular Illumination System
Modular illumination system with ultimate flexibility and expandability
Nikon Ti-lapp modular illumination system
Nikon V-12B Profile Profector
Nikon's benchtop optical comparator with enhanced features for improved precision and ease of operation
Nikon V-12B profile projector optical comparator
Nikon V-20B Profile Projector
A larger capacity vertical projector features a 20" screen and permits mounting of a large stage
Nikon V-20B optical comparator profile projector
Nikon Yokogawa CSU-W1 SoRa
Spinning disk super resolution by optical pixel reassignment
Nikon/Narishige NTX Micromanipulator
Provides high-precision and efficient operability for accurate ICSI
Nikon Nairshige NT88-V3 micromanipulator