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New 2019 Laser Measurement and Control Catalogue

Featuring the new PowerMax-Pro kilowatt sensor with accurate power readings up to 1 million times faster than traditional thermopiles, the new LMC product catalogue contains the full portfolio of test and measurement equipment, including:

  • Expanded line of fast PowerMax-Pro power sensors
  • Wide range of thermopile, pyroelectric and optical sensors
  • Power and energy meters
  • Beam diagnostic cameras

From materials processing and laser machine tools to scientific laser applications, Coherent offers a meter or sensor to fit your needs. Download.

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WPI 6-axis Motorised Stereotaxic Frame

New from WPI the MTM-6 is a 6-axis motorised stereotaxic frame which includes both manipulator arms and dual controllers, allowing you to mount, for example, a stereotaxic drill and probe simultaneously.

The motorised stereotaxic frame with a digital display outperforms manual versions, and greatly reduces human error when performing routine stereotaxic surgery. The motorised axes of the MTM-6 provide precise, controlled, 3-dimensional placement of any probe or accessory within the working space of the stereotaxic frame.

For further information please contact Tim Watts or read more.

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Webinar : BioAFM and Their Applications in Cell Studies

Wednesday 8 May 2019
Australia AEST : 3:30pm
Singapore : 1:30pm
India: 11:00am

In current cell studies, researchers are no longer satisfied with just some nice images. Beyond the topography, efforts have been devoted to unveiling the details in functional and mechanical aspects. Atomic force microscopy offers a straightforward solution for such requirements. Its high resolution under physiological conditions makes it possible to develop the understanding of the cells and their environment. The mechanical information obtained simultaneously along the topograpy in AFM images has been widely applied to bridge the gap between the structure and the mechanical properties. Thanks to the development of high-speed AFM, fine details involved in dynamic processes happening at the cell surface can be well resolve in real time. The combination of AFM and optical tecniques unleashes even greater possibility for cell microscopy.

As part of the Bruker Bio-AFM series, this webinar will be focused on sharing the new developments in Bio-AFM and their applications in cell studies.

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Lake Shore 2Dex Hall Sensors

Lake Shore are pleased to announce the release of the new 2Dex Hall sensors, offering a new level of precision and convenience for engineers. These new Hall sensors offer excellent sensitivity and are highly linear over a very wide field range. Also, the sensors have a smaller, ultra-thin active area which ensures more accurate field readings and all but eliminates planar Hall effect errors that have caused measurement offsets in current-generation 3-axis probes.

For further information please contact us or read more.

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Quantel Merion C by Lumibird

The Merion C is the latest development from Lumibird-Quantel laser diode-pumped nanosecond Nd:YAG range. The Merion C delivers 100 mJ @ 1064 nm up to 400 Hz and can be equipped with fully integrated harmonic generators, down to 266 nm, to cover a wide range of applications.

All key components such as laser diodes, gain modules and laser driver electronics are internally designed, ensuring full vertical control of the entire process.

It represents the best solution for demanding applications like LIDAR, LIBS or material processing.

  • High power packed in a small footprint
  • Excellent shot to shot stability and superior beam profile up to 400 Hz
  • Sealed against external contaminants with an industrial design, built to last
  • Easy installation and an interchangeable power supply to reduce the effects of downtime
  • Pump diode warranty: 2 billion shots

For further information please read more or contact us.

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