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Nikon End of Year Sale Starts Today !

Significant savings are now available on Nikon's range of optical microscopes and digital cameras.

Contact us today for a quotation !


Eclipse Ni Advanced Research Upright Microscope      Eclipse Ci Clinical Upright Microscope
Eclipse E200 Educational Microscope         Eclipse E100 Student Microscope
SMZ25 Advanced Research Stereomicroscope    SMZ18 Advanced Research Stereomicroscope
SMZ1270 Zoom Stereomicroscope  SMZ800N Zoom Stereomicroscope
SMZ745 Zoom Stereomicroscope   SMZ445 Compact Stereomicroscope
Eclipse Ti2 Advanced Research Inverted Microscope    Eclipse Ts2R Compact Inverted Research Microscope
Eclipse Ts2 Routine Inverted Microscope  
DS-Ri2 Colour Microscope Camera DS-Qi2 Monochrome Microscope Camera
DS-Fi3 High-definition Colour Microscope Camera  

Sale ends 31 January 2020             

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RM5 Raman Microscope

Edinburgh Instruments has recently announced the release of the new RM5 Raman Microscope.

A compact and full automated Raman Microscope, the RM5 is suitable for analytical and research purposes. The truly confocal design of the RM5 is unique, and offers uncompromised spectral resolution, spatial resolution and sensitivity.

Edinburgh Instruments is a specialist in the research, development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art spectroscopic instrumentaiton for over 40 years. They are well reknowned for advanced spectroscopic systems for measuring steady state fluorescence, fluorescence liftime, phosphorescence lifetime and transient absorption.

For further information please contact us or read more.

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WPI End of Year Sale Starts Today !

10% discount is available on all WPI catalogue products

WPI provide a wide range of products for electrophysiology, molecular biology, cellular biology, surgical procedures and physiology. For over 50 years they have provided cutting-edge laboratory instruments at cost effective prices.

Contact Tim Watts phone (08) 8150 5289 for further information or read more on our website amplifiers, biosensing, surgical instruments, physiology, pumps and microinjection, stimulators

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Long-Travel Lift Stages

Aerotech's PRO-SV series of lift stages provide long-travel, ultra-precise motion in the shortest possible form factor. Three distinct models, each with a variety of configurable features and options, offer a diverse selection of travel range and payload capacity combinnations, making the PRO-SV an excellent noise for all applications in which high-performance vertical motion is important.

Unlike other types of vertical motion stages, PRO-SV features a drive mechanism that impinges directly on the moving carriage. This provides an exceptionally long range of vertical travel and maintains the shortest height possible, granting free and clear access to the user's payload. Minimising the work-point height is especially important in designing motion systems because it minimises the Abbe offset, thus contributing to greater overall precision.

For further information please contact us or download the datasheet.


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DRS Daylight Solutions Webinar

Wednesday 30 October
        Auckland (NZDT) : 12am
        Brisbane (AEST) : 3am
        Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart (AEDT) : 4am
        Adelaide (ACDT) : 3:30am
        Perth (AWST) : 1am

Learn how to reliably quantitate multiple analytes simultaneously with one easy, non-destructive step. A new class of laser-based Mid-IR liquid analysers are enabling real-time, simultaneous quantification of key bioprocess constituents such as glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate and ammonia at low concentration within a complex background medium. The Mid-IR technique provides a higher degree of chemical selectivity over UV-Vis and near-IR techniques and can provide robust quantitation compared to raman based approaches.

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