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WPI Monitor and Transducer

WPI Monitor and Transducer

Monitors blood pressure, force and temperature

World Precision Instruments

  • Monitors pressure, force, temperature
  • Monitors animal arterial or venous blood pressure
  • Displays systolic, diastolic or average blood pressure

The has an audio monitor that provides a signal with variable pitch and amplitude, allowing you to hear changes in blood pressure. Digital LCD provides average or peak signal values from 0 to 1999mV. With an optional pressure gauge, the user may calibrate the display to read mm Hg. Recorder output connector allows direct connection to a pen recorder, oscilloscope or computer via a data acquisition system. BP1 accepts WPI's BLPR blood pressure transducer as well as other blood transducers.

  • Used for direct arterial and venous pressure measurement
  • Accurate, linear and stable with temperature
  • Compatible with TBM4M and BP1

The BLPR2 can be used for the direct arterial and venous pressure measurement in animal blood vessels. Supplied sterile, BLPR2 is accurate, linear and stable with temperature. May be sterilised cold with Cidex or a similar bactericide.


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